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medical translation

In the field of medicine, it is extremely important to have well-versed, experienced and reliable medical translators, as well as editors and proofreaders. However, medical translation should not be considered as a unified realm, but a series of smaller, interconnected yet separate areas, each with its own set of guidelines.


Specified knowledge in medical translation

First of all, it should be clear that not every medical translator can cover all the areas of medicine and related subjects. As we said, this is a series of smaller fields, and it should be approached accordingly. If, for example, there is a need for the translation of a document concerning oncology, one should be sure to find a translator who has substantial knowledge of this topic. Also, if cardiology-related material is to be translated, those translators with related experience should be sought after.



Another aspect good medical translation should look after is accuracy. When it comes to medical documents, proper translation is of utmost importance, and there should not be any “grey areas” or double meanings. Every term that might be considered ambiguous or inappropriate has to be double-checked, or even triple-checked. Good medical translators know this, and they never fail to “deep-scan” their work. Consistency and accuracy are the two main tools of a great medical translator.



In addition to this – and although it usually goes without saying – it should be pointed out that medical translation requires for translators to be native speakers of the language they translate into, and to have substantial medical background. Mother-tongue speakers will always be one step ahead of the rest, and those who are either medically trained, or trained for closer and better understanding of medical topics, will ensure that every document is translated according to the highest of standards.


Good medical translators work efficiently, reliably and knowledgeably. By employing a well-versed, seasoned medical translator, you will be able to rely on a favorable outcome and top-notch, spot-on work. That is why the choice of medical translator comes high on the list of priorities.

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